Navigating Online Learning in Analytics

Online learning can be one of the most effective methods for increasing your analytics learning and skill set. However, with the many options available to you in online learning, it can be an overwhelming process to begin. It is extremely important to know how to navigate through the available options…

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Emails and “E-motions”

Email management . . . it has been one of my greatest time management struggles throughout my career. How do I keep up? How do I get ahead? And, how do others do it? There are times where I have to start by clearing the slate. I did this yesterday…

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How Do You Procrastinate?

When I began writing this blog, the first question to my readers was, “do you procrastinate?” But I realized that question was pointless since I think everyone procrastinates. The real question is, what does procrastination look like for you? What causes you to delay, avoid, or forget about what you…

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