What is Analytics Coaching?

Focused on You – Unlike typical, back-and-forth conversations between two individuals, my coaching conversations are completely focused on YOU, the analytics professional or manager. Whether you wish to retain an analytics coach for yourself, or for members of your team, I work to develop and advance the critical, individual attributes of each person to ensure his/her career success in analytics.

Success Principals – The role of an analytics coach is not to teach technical analytical skills such as using PowerBI or Python. Instead, my role is to help you build the personal habits, systems, and relationships that lead to your success in the analytics field. This can include overcoming specific roadblocks that often keep analytics professionals from accomplishing their career goals.

Conversation Partner – Working with an analytics coach means finding a qualified coaching partner for your trusted conversations, particularly a coach who works outside of the politics and dynamics of your organization. Our carefully guided coaching conversations are confidential and are specifically designed to enhance your personal development and achieve your analytics career goals.

Why Coaching Specifically for Analytics?

Analytics is Not Easy – Analytics is a dynamic field with many unique challenges. With frequent changes in organizational structure, analytics professionals often find it difficult to navigate personal career changes. These constant changes also create challenges in building strategic relationships and gaining buy-in with other departments across the organization. As an analytics coach, I serve as an accountability partner who walks with and guides you as new challenges arise.

Your Unique Way – As an analytics coach, I help you develop systems of success that are unique to you as an analytics professional while providing guidance based on your specific situation(s) and personality. My coaching style is not based on cookie-cutter training, but rather on in-depth conversations specifically designed to help each analytics professional create his/her own unique success.

Creating the Future – My ultimate goal is to help analytics professionals create the future they never thought possible. I use tools such as reflection and visualization, and other strategies to help you bring your dreams to reality. I see magic happen when analytics professionals take time to slow down, reflect, and develop plans to realize their vision of the person they want to become.

Why Should You Get An Analytics Career Coach?

Below are some specific reasons why now may be the best time to hire an analytics coach,  whether you're considering a coach to help analytics professionals in your organization, or to partner with you in your personal career journey.

Retain Key Talent: Data and analytics talent is in high demand. Employees who have gained experience and increased their skills are highly sought after in the industry. What makes them stay with your organization? It's simple – they need opportunities to advance and feel valued. Providing a coach for your employees sends a positive message that they are important and supported in your organization.

Improve Performance: Data and analytics professionals are highly talented. They are lifelong learners who know how to develop their technical skills and learn new tools. Increasing their performance typically requires an additional focus on building relationships, improving communication skills, and connecting with others. Coaching provides the structure and guidance for improving the non-technical aspects of their job performance.

Support New Leaders: First-time leaders need support to help them be most effective in their role. While great managers often provide this guidance, additional support from a coach can speed up the employee's transformation from individual contributor, to manager, to leader. Doing the work to strengthen the leader benefits the entire team.

Advance Your Career: It takes work to make a shift in your career or prepare yourself for that promotion, and often the path is unclear. An analytics coach will help you define your goals, such as becoming a senior data scientist or getting promoted to an analytics manager, and will work with you to design an individualized path to get there.

Accelerate Your Development: We all have areas we can work on to become better, so why don't we?  An analytics coach helps you identify and overcome the unseen roadblocks keeping you from becoming the person you want to be. Common roadblocks for analytics professionals include speaking up and contributing to meetings, making a career move, and time management, to name a few.

Find Your Accountability Partner: Analytics professionals often find value in having another person helping to hold them accountable to the goals they want to accomplish. Meeting with a coach on a regular basis can encourage you to keep moving forward to meet your goals with consistency.

How Do I Get Started?

How Does Coaching Work?

You will meet with your analytics coach over the phone several times a month to discuss challenges, successes, and progress on goals. You will soon see an increased self-awareness, stronger relationships with your colleagues, more confidence in yourself and your goals achieved!

What Will I Get?

You will choose from a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month coaching package. Each package includes a specific number of one-hour virtual sessions with an analytics coach, and your own personality assessment from Insights Discovery to help you on your journey.

How Do I Get Started?

You’ve already started your journey by deciding it’s time to invest in yourself or your team. Congrats! Next, spend some time clarifying your needs, or the needs of your team, and how an analytics coach can help. Finally, complete the Contact Us page to learn more details about getting started.