Strategic Workforce Planning for Analytics Talent

We believe there is power in having a systematic approach in developing analytics talent. Many aspects come into play such as changes in the business strategies and technology platforms, new analytics roles, advancements in visualization techniques, and advanced data science techniques. As organizations continue to mature their analytics strategy, planning for future talent becomes even more critical.

Strategic Workforce Planning for Analytics Talent, or SWP, supports and enhances your short-term, operational planning. While most of your time spent planning for your team may be spent in backfilling open positions and hiring the next data scientist, it is also important to take time to develop strategies and plans for the team of the future.

Our Process

At J Schmidt Consulting, we assist organizations in developing an executable plan to build the analytics team of the future. It’s not just planning the quantitative needs (how many) of a center of excellence and talent across the organization but sometimes, more importantly, the qualities that make up a successful analytics team.

Key steps in the SWP process include: 

  • Assess & Define the analytics team of the future
  • Identify & Implement analytics talent strategies
  • Structure & Scale the analytics community based on analytics maturity

What’s my next step? 

Congrats! You’ve already started your journey by deciding it’s time to invest in your team. We are looking forward to helping you develop a workforce plan that works for you.  Complete the Contact Us page to learn more details about getting started.