Get to Know Jenny

I want to make a difference in the workplace where people spend so much of their time. I believe if I can make their day better, the rest of their life will also be better. 

How do I want to do this?  I strive to improve HR processes so they provide more benefit and less frustration to all, help managers become leaders, and encourage individuals to realize their potential.

I imagine a world where people are just as happy to start their workday as they are to end it! Where they want to become the best version of themselves, not only receive feedback on what should be changed. And, where teams move with efficiency because they've learned to work through difficult relationships and to value each other's strengths.

I enjoy working with data and analytics professionals as they stretch the limits of traditional thinking. They work in a dynamic profession that will continue to evolve for years to come and transform the way work is done by everyone. It is a unique time in history and I'm excited to be part of it!

My Background

As a teenager growing up in small town Iowa, I loved helping my dad with his business, often making helpful suggestions like having staff meetings and finding ways that he could delegate more (that's what any good daughter would do, right?!) After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa, I pursued a career in accounting, not because I loved it, but because I knew that understanding where the money goes is fundamental to any business.

After a few years working in the accounting department at John Deere, I knew I wanted to make more of an impact.  I received my MBA with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon graduation, I came back to John Deere and spent 10+ years working in Human Resources as an HR generalist, project manager, and internal consultant supporting dealers across the United States.  I am now able to focus on what I'm passionate about (the people!) by helping make the workplace just a little bit better every day.

Organizational Affiliations

I am a member and contributor to the following organizations:

  • Expert panelist with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA)
  • Co-organizer of the Des Moines Data & Analytics Meetup group
  • Programming committee member for the Central Iowa Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (CI SHRM)
  • Member of the Iowa Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF)