Does it Matter Who the Chief Analytics Officer Reports To?

There are many options for where to have your analytics leader report.  Similar to a Chief Data Officer, it is common for a Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) to report to the CEO or the CIO (Chief Information Officer). However, many organizations have set up their analytics teams to report through…

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Bridging the Gap When You Have Different Perspectives

I often work with analytics departments to help them resolve communication issues with other departments in their organization.  I typically see such challenges when analytics interacts with two other critical departments, HR and IT .  The different perspectives of these three functional units can impact their ability to communicate with…

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Analytics Leaders Reporting to the C-Suite

Organizations that are ready for a dedicated analytics team may struggle with determining the appropriate reporting level for the team within the organization.  The rise of the Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) clearly shows that some organizations want this position to report directly to the top. Using other titles, such as…

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