How Do You Procrastinate?

How Do You Procrastinate?

When I began writing this blog, the first question to my readers was, “do you procrastinate?” But I realized that question was pointless since I think everyone procrastinates. The real question is, what does procrastination look like for you? What causes you to delay, avoid, or forget about what you really need to be doing?

Once I Start It Will Never End
Here’s how it looks for me. I was very aware of my procrastination this morning. I wanted to take on everything BUT the priorities on my to-do list that I should be completing. First, I became aware that I was avoiding my to-do list. Then, I reflected on why. The answer is simple . . . I told myself that if I get started on my to-do list it will suck me in, I will be working on it for hours and I will get nothing else done. I know that I get so focused, and on a roll of productivity, that once I start making progress on my list it’s hard for me to stop. So, I typically tell myself that it makes more sense to first get all of my lesser tasks out of the way.

I’m So Far Behind
Another realization that causes me to procrastinate on my do-list? I always feel behind. I remind myself of all the things I haven’t done yet, especially for people who are waiting on me. In response, I further procrastinate by gravitating toward work that tends to be easier for me and I can complete more quickly (planning, sorting and back-end work) and avoiding tasks that are likely on my to-do list but are harder for me (emails, phone calls, and people interactions). I tell myself this approach will recharge me, but is that true? Or, am I avoiding the work that needs to be done because it’s a little harder for me and requires more time? How do I get over that hump?

Overcoming Procrastination
My advice to you? When you find yourself procrastinating, make realistic goals and just get started. Find a way to create momentum. What is your priority? Start with that. In actuality, it probably won’t take as long to accomplish your goals as you may think. I can knock out a lot of my to-do list once I get started, if I’m focused and realistic about what I can get done.

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