You Specialize in What?

You Specialize in What?

I get asked all the time, “What do you mean when you say you work with data and analytics professionals? Do you provide recruiting services?” The answer is always, “No!”

My work often gets confused with the job of a technical recruiter. While I would like to have that skillset, I am much better at helping individuals, particularly in the data and analytics space, to achieve their career aspirations through developing themselves. I am also successful in my work assisting organizations in creating strategies to develop their existing talent.

Before starting my business, I worked in the accounting department at John Deere for several years. I quickly realized that while I could do the work well, it wasn’t exciting for me. I wanted to be in a position to make a difference and have an impact! This is still what gets me fired up today!

I have found my passion is working with organizations, leaders and individuals to make the workplace a little better each day. I now work with data and analytics leaders and professionals, and HR directors, to identify and implement improvements for individuals and organizations, particularly with respect to the development of technical talent.

I work directly with data and analytics professionals as their coach and thought partner. I help them focus their personal development and identify ways to create change. I’ve worked closely with analytics professionals for years so I understand the common challenges and opportunities they encounter. I often coach them on critical, non-technical skills, such as speaking up in meetings, building relationships, and identifying emotional reactions.

I also work with HR professionals and data and analytics leaders to design systems to develop and retain data and analytics talent. I train teams to better understand individual personalities and team dynamics, which in turn helps them become more effective and efficient within their teams and with others. I love trying to crack the code to help an organization develop strong talent and prepare for its future workforce needs, with questions like:

• How can we help an individual overcome a specific obstacle?
• How can we develop a system of capabilities across the group at an accelerated pace?
• How can we get this team to communicate better?
• What type of talent will we need 3 to 5 years from now?

How can I help you or your organization? See Services to learn more about what I offer through J. Schmidt Consulting.

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