2020: A Remarkable Year

2020: A Remarkable Year

So far 2020 has been a year like none other. All of us are experiencing change to varying degrees. It has been a shock to our system and and many of us are going through the grieving process. Mourning the life that existed before COVID-19 hit, experiencing anger when we realize what we’ve worked so hard to build has now fallen short, and finding the determination to adjust and move on. This is the perfect time to hit the reset button, to slow-down and find out more about yourself.

What Loss Are You Experiencing?

As we process through this change, we experience loss.  I’m not talking about a loss of income or ability to see others, although that is certainly true for many people.  I’m talking about a more intangible loss that you may not have recognized you are having.  The Insights Discovery framework gives us a language to uncover what may be triggering us during this time of change.  It differs based on our personality and preference.  Which one of these are you experiencing most right now?

  • Loss of Competence (Cool Blue Energy) – lack of information, lack of structure, distractions
  • Loss of Connection (Earth Green Energy) – lack of consideration for others, sudden change without warning, violation of values
  • Loss of Choice (Sunshine Yellow Energy) – lack of involvement, being overloaded, restrictions on flexibility
  • Loss of Control (Fiery Red Energy) – lack of focus, slow pace, indecisiveness

Identifying what loss you are experiencing can help give it a name and realize we are not alone. Others are also experiencing loss, and it may be showing up differently for them.  Once we have mourned our loss, we can then choose what to do about it.

How do You Get Recharged?

How you recharge now is probably different than it was at the beginning of the year.  Gyms, churches, social networks are all shut-down.  And what works for you to get your energy back is dependent on your personality and preference.  Here are a few examples of ways to recharge.  Which one have you found to be most helpful for you?

  • Identify ways to be alone and get in your zone (taking walks, blocking off time for yourself without being disturbed)
  • Find some quiet time and ways to support others (helping out neighbors, calling to check on others)
  • Connect up with others and look for the positive (walking with a friend, video chatting with colleagues)
  • Let your drive continue to move you forward and share it with others (set goals and schedule time to work on them)

What Would Make This A Remarkable Year?

Being intentional about how you recharging will give you energy.  Focusing on where you are going and the future can also be uplifting.  One of the questions I frequently ask my coaching clients is “what would make this year remarkable?” As we shift to a new normal, this question applies now more than ever.  This year can still be your best year yet!  It just might look a little different that it did in January.

I’ve heard some say this is the “year of the divorce” which makes me really sad. I’ve also heard others say this is the “year of the baby boom” or “the year of relationships”. It’s amazing how perspective changes everything.  What lens are you looking through when you think of your future?  What will this year look like for you? The great part is that you get to discover it!

You get to determine how you want to look back on this year.  You get to decide how you will change and make an impact to those around you.  So, I ask you…what would make this year remarkable for you?

If you are interested in experiencing a personalized coaching session to help you find the the answers to these questions or if want more information about Insights Discovery, fill out my contact page or find me on LinkedIn.

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Wonderful post. True to my style, I am experiencing mourning over lack of structure, exacerbated by being in a brand new role at a new to me organization. BUT…as you indicated, perspective is important. I am trying to tackle with a growth mindset. Thanks, Jenny.

November 2, 2020 at 8:30 pm

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